Multi-level supervisory control (MUSIC)

Grant no.: MŠMT LH13012
Duration: 2013-2015
Leader(s): J. Komenda (IM AS CR), S. Lafortune (The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), F. Lin (Wayne State University, Detroit)
Abstract: The aim of the project is to develop multi-level coordination control approach for concurrent discrete-event systems with modular structure and to apply this approach to decentralized supervisory control with communication. It will be based on the single-level coordination control with one central coordinator that we have recently developed, but which fails for most of large-scale systems due to central coordinator being too complex. Two different approaches, top-down and bottom-up, will be developed using multi-level hierarchy of groups of subsystems and their coordinators. The results will be extended to partially observed systems and evaluated on large systems. Finally, these efficient techniques for structured (modular) systems will be applied to decentralized control without a structured plant to compute a controllable sublanguage that is by construction coobservable with respect to enriched observations given by the structure of the coordinators on different layers.
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Coordination control synthesis plug-in for libFAUDES (see this page).